There’s No Excuse for Not Losing Weight

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Posted By Donna Meier

Are you one of those people who promise themselves to diet and go to the gym in January, but then give it all up in March? Today, you discover that there is no excuse. First, products like the Tanita scale make it easy to discover the changes your body has undergone during training. Experts say that over 70% of people give up on their fitness routine because they think they are not changing their bodies. The problem is that these people only use their “weight” to measure the effectiveness of their exercise and diet. With a body composition scale, it is easier to detect if there has been a change in your body’s muscle mass or if you have lost even 1% of body fat. This type of scale has technology that accurately analyses your body, making it easier for you to find out how far you’ve come in the last week.

The solution for amnesiacs

One of the most common excuses for losing weight is that people “forget” to eat right or exercise. Psychologists say that to create a habit, a person must repeat the same action for at least 30 continuous days. You can download mobile apps that alert you daily about what to do. You can also buy a smartwatch that keeps track of your body. For example, if your job forces you to sit for long periods, the smartwatch can alert you. It’s time to get up and stretch your body. Technology makes it impossible to forget things. Just set alerts and get ready to leave excuses behind. Platforms like Google Calendar allow you to organise an entire month, where you can record the meals and exercises you need to do each day.

There’s No Excuse for Not Losing Weight

Use social media to lose weight

Have you ever seen a video where a person shows the “before and after” of their physical transformation? It’s not about you doing the same or creating an Instagram account to show your evolution. Sure, if you want to do it, you could motivate others to do the same. What you should do is look for groups of people who are losing weight or who want to lose weight. Why? Psychologists explain that when a person does an activity in a group, they are more likely to meet the goals of that activity. You might come across a Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram group of people who are losing weight. On days when you don’t feel like going out, those people could motivate you. When you don’t know what to cook, these people might give you ideas.

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