Difference Between Being Fit and Being Healthy

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There are possibilities that you do regular exercise, and still not feel healthy. There are possibilities that, despite that, you have worked the hell out of yourself, you may still haven’t burn your fat belly. If you are experiencing the above listed or more, there are possibilities that you are fit but not healthy and you have not read about bladez. In case you don’t know, there is a difference between being fit and being healthy, with this article we shall be explaining the differences between the two and the right tools to help you keep fit and healthy from Bladez.

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Being healthy

Healthy people are people who wake up and have their body systems positioned well. They don’t fall sick as they have a sound immune system.

Being fit

Fit people are those that gain a distinct look or strength through physical activities. They also look good and have abs showing up as a result of their regular exercise. They have all this does not mean they are healthy; they just fit.

How to achieve both

As a normal human being, it is a must you are healthy and fit, and you must understand the difference between being fit and being healthy. To achieve these two tasks, it will require that you move your body equally to what you eat. That is why we shall be having a brief discussion on the two systems that will help us achieve both physical activity and nutrition.

Physical activity

In other to achieve the physical activity motive, you need to perform two tasks. The aerobic and the anaerobic.

The aerobic is also called oxygen. This kind of activity is the performing of moderate exercises like running, cycling, walking, and swimming. The oxygen aids the aerobic system in your body; such tasks are the heart, lungs, body vessels, and aerobic muscles enhanced.

The anaerobic means exercises without the help of oxygen in the body. This category of exercise exists in sporting activities like power lifting, tennis sprinting etc. The primary fuel that this kind of training uses is glycogen and helps the body to store fat and feel depleted of energy at the same time.


Taking nutritious food is also an excellent way to look good and healthy. In other to achieve this, you will take to make healthy foods like natural vegetables, which is what will give you the energy to perform well during your daily activities. There are lots of things to say about taking nutritional foods; the best thing is to make sure you eat correctly so that your body can get the required amount of energy to help your exercise work out well.


With regular exercise, there is no doubt you will not only look fit but look healthy. In the case of nutrition, it is a must that you take healthy foods so that you can have enough energy to do better exercise. However, if you want to do yoga, you may not always have the chance to visit the gym, so you will need tools that can let you do your exercises at home. For this reason, you can get your gadgets at Bladez.

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