What I Think About My *new* Shower!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to pop in and tell you all about my new shower update. You all know that I have had some issues in the past with my shower (like the time it flooded my bathroom and the room below)! With that being said I wanted to tell you about my new shower enclosures in Queens NY. I renovated with the help of Queens County Shower Doors (check them out)!

I really have to hand it to them. They made my shower leak-proof! Not only leak-proof, but beautiful too! My bathroom looks like it could be in a fancy music video! I really appreciate all the hard work that was put in to my new shower, not only by the installation, but in the consultation at the beginning. They made sure that I was getting what I wanted and that it would look good in my bathroom.

I tell you what, I am so thankful that my shower no longer leaks and I am able to actually enjoy my time in the shower. I take my time thinking about my personal existential crisis in style now! (Just kidding!). But seriously people, if you want a new shower that you actually enjoy and look forward to using, check out this company!

Now, to go with that fancy new shower of yours (because I know you all are looking to get a new one now), I also have some recommendatiosnn on towels, cleaners, decorations, and carpets to match. I personally love the gray and muted colors in a bathroom, so I went with dark gray carpets, light gray towels, and I accented all of these with some blush pink decorations. I also recommmend buying a nice squeegee brush for the new glass doors and some Windex as well. You have to keep your new shower looking new for as long as possible!

I hope you all enjoy reading my ramblings about my rennovations, but I just could not be happier! Go and check it out and let me know what you all think!